Wine Appreciation Group
This Group is for members who want to know more about wine but realize that drinking wine is a lot more fun than reading about it.
As a study group, our members research wine and grape varieties and then enlighten the rest of us with their findings.  None of us have a great knowlege so two or three times a year we invite specialist speakers from outside the group to talk to us.

We usually meet in the Waterfield Room of the Old Barn Hall in Bookham on the second Friday of the month.  Our founding leader thought it would save the embarrassment of spilling red wine on carpets at home and sensibly we have continued to meet there ever since.

A typical meeting will involve the tasting of four white and four red wines based, for example, upon a comparison of grape varieties or of the same grape from different regions of a country or the world.  The chosen wines are ones which are not usually on an individual's shopping list.

Afterwards tea and coffee are provided.

Our membership is presently thirty. Prior booking is necessary as attendance at a meeting is limited to twenty two to ensure that there is enough wine per glass for a serious tasting by everyone present.