International Relations Group
The aim of the International Relations group is to study and discuss how the various actors on the world stage interact over the significant international problems that confront the world today. These issues often have roots buried in the past but affect each one of us today. Such issues might include climate change, the banking crisis, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, UN interventionism, conflict and change in the Middle East, human rights, etc. The first steps on our learning curve are to
  • Understand the language of International Politics, language we see in the media today but which often has obscure meanings. We will look at various theories of International Relations and notions such as the Nation State, International System, Balance of Power
  • Identify who the actors are, their roles and their relative power. We will include Nation States, Non-Governmental Organisations, Inter Governmental Organisations, Multi-National Corporations, Functional bodies, the Media and Markets
  • Note sources for information. These might include papers from the United Nations and specialist institutes such as Chatham House in the UK, The Foreign Policy Research Institute in the US, as well as general media available over the internet.
Anyone with a passion to understand the world we live in today would be most welcome to join us.   The meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10.30.